How to Start a LAD Fundraiser

Thank you for helping us fundraise! Every dollar you raise helps forgive up to $250 of debt. Our preferred fundraising tool is Facebook since they charge zero fees or processing and make it easy to contact people you know. It's also very simple to set up and start fundraising in a matter of minutes! Below is an easy step by step to get your Facebook fundraiser for LAD up and running.

Step 2: Decide how much to raise, when to have your fundraiser end and then click "Next"

Don't worry if you don't reach your goal. LAD still receives all donations!

Step 3: Create a Title and Description and then click "Next"

You can write a story of why you're fundraising or just use the default title and description Facebook provides.

Step 4: Select a Photo for your Fundraiser and then click "Create"

You can use a photo of your own or one of the "Suggested Photos"

Step 5: Share, update and invite friends to donate!

Use the tools on your fundraiser page to share your fundraiser and invite friends to donate.
You can also copy your fundraiser link to post to other social media sites and provide updates on your fundraiser.