Why are we doing this?

America is the only developed nation in the world where it's citizens have to live in fear of the financial implications of illness. Life After Debt is a 501(c)(3) charity that was formed for a single purpose: To help put an end to medical and predatory debt. The industry of medical debt is a stain on our economy and nation that takes advantage of those in a time of need. Mounting medical debt is sold and resold, by and to collection agencies who threaten and harass patients, oftentimes while they are still in recovery. This leads to ruined credit, bankruptcy or worse. We ask you to help support our cause so we finally put an end to the disgusting practice of profiting off illness.

"Financial ruin from medical bills is almost exclusively an American disease"
- Roul Turley

How it works?

Collection agencies purchase bundled portfolios of defaulted medical debt and make huge profits off the suffering and hardship of others. These predators (or predebtors as we call them) will collect hundreds of times the amount they paid to acquire specific debts. At LAD we locate and purchase this same debt but rather than collecting on it, we forgive it entirely with no strings or tax implications attached. After the debt is forgiven we work directly with the recently relieved and help them to repair the damage done to their credit, finances and lives.

Watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver explain predatory debt and forgive $15,000,000 in medical debt.

How Can I Help?

Since LAD is a 501(c)(3) charity, every dollar you donate can be written off as a tax deduction. We rely on funding from individuals, businesses and organizations to make our mission possible. LAD targets a 1:250 ratio of funds raised to debt forgiven which means that a donation of $100 forgives up to $25,000 in debt. Additionally, LAD fundraises separately for our operational expenses to make sure that every penny you donate on our site today goes directly to forgiving medical debt. Help us end medical debt by donating today!

No PayPal account is required to donate, however an additional covers PayPal's processing fees so your full donation goes to forgiving medical debt.
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